Company overview

Map of head office

Date of the founding May. 11, 2016
A board member Daigo Kusano (CEO)
Address of head office New-Shinbashi Bldg. 2-16-1, Shinbashi Minato-ku Tokyo
105-0004 JAPAN
Capital 13,960,000 yen
Telephone number 03-6416-4856
  • Investigation, analysis, and consulting of Intellectual Property
  • Planning, development and sales of drones
Corporation lawyer Seven Rich law office
Partners or affiliation
  • Patent attorney’s offices
  • Companies for consignment of development
  • YRP R&D Promotion Committee
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Greeting from the CEO


I’ll put everything into intellectual property. I have that thought as base.
I have been focusing on intellectual property, especially work of patent since I worked as an employee.
I founded and named PATENT INVESTMENT, putting the meaning of investing money, time and energy.

I recognize intellectual property as wider concept and that ①creation, ②protection and ③utilization of intellectual property, that is Intellectual Creation Cycle is the most important concept at the present.
In addition to giving customers IP Management Support to curry out Intellectual Creation Cycle sufficiently, we are focusing on currying out Intellectual Creation Cycle by doing business by ourselves.

We are trying to plan, develop and sale Communication Establishment Drone that is utilized by technology of drones and communication system to realize Intellectual Creation Cycle on our own, although we are not specialists of them from the beginning.
Communication Establishment Drone could be able to be utilized for various uses based on basic idea and technology (intellectual property), so that it can solve a lot of problem in the world.

We are going to solve important problem and contribute to economics, society, technology, culture and so on by Communication Establishment Drone and IP Management Support based on intellectual property, then lead intellectual property to benefits at the maximum.