Communication Establishment Drone

Business and Services of Communication Establishment Drone

Business Purpose of Communication Establishment Drone

In many places and situation, people can’t communicate and send data by communication devices like smart phone.

Therefore, by means of utilizing the basic technology of Communication Establishment Drone, we solve various problem and realize elimination of inconvenience and improvement of convenience by establishing communication with drone in areas where are out of coverage.

The basic technology of Communication Establishment Drone

The basic technology

A drone moves if it doesn’t have signal.

The drone sends data if it has signal.

Patents of Communication Establishment Drone

Examples of brief description about patents

■The basic technology+Sending image
■The basic technology+Returning to initial position after sending data
■The basic technology+Climbing and landing
■The basic technology+Sending location information and landing
■The basic technology+Moving to a specific place

<Patent pending>
■The basic technology+Voice guidance
■The basic technology+Test flight mode
■The basic technology+Operation management system
■The basic technology+Detection of obstacle and avoidance
■The basic technology+Correction of misregistration when moving
■The basic technology+Climbing to prescribed altitude

※There are many other elements
※Moving bodies such as aquatic drone, robot are included in the patented elements

Example of situation that is out of coverage

Example of sendable data

■SOS data
 ex. Informing crisis of life, poor physical condition, car’s trouble
■Location information
 ex. Latitude, longitude, altitude and depth at places of disaster, distress, trouble accident
 ex. Image of Human, scene, surroundings
 ex. Explanation or message of situation at the scene
■Environmental information
 ex. Pressure, temperature, humidity, precipitation, water level