We carry out a experiment with prototype of SOS Drone.

We carried out a demonstration experiment using originally developed prototype of SOS Drone in the drone field in Yokosuka city with members of YRP R&D Promotion Committee and drone company.


Aim of the demonstration experiment

We assumed the area is out of coverage, then we flied SOS Drone to send signal in the sky by a Sigfox module and acquire data concerning height and distance of communication.


Result of the demonstration experiment

While SOS Drone achieved only 7km communication on the ground, 65km communication succeeded at 15m, furthermore 80km communication succeeded at 148m.

By the way, SOS Drone sent signal from the drone field to the base station in Inzai city in Chiba at 148m. (Kyocera Communication System Inc. informed us the data.)

We consider that users are highly likely to be able to request rescue in case of disaster and distress using SOS Drone and sending signal in the sky.